Schedule individual or couples therapy in White Plains, NY

Fifth Wave Psychotherapy offers individual, family and couples therapy in White Plains, NY. I integrate relational-interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, solution-focused, and mindfulness techniques to help meet each client's individual therapeutic needs and goals.

Family therapy can be a powerful tool for relational healing. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

What is Fifth Wave?

In the field of psychology, there have traditionally been four "waves" of psychotherapy. In the present day, the Fifth Wave is currently a force in the making. It is considered by mental health professionals to contain a wonderful combination of therapeutic theories and techniques taken from the other four waves. In my practice, I incorporate multiple strategies to help you better yourself and your life.

From individual and couples therapy to family therapy, the Fifth Wave is an effective approach for many different needs. Call today to learn more about my therapeutic philosophy.